Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

Parc Riviera is a condo development in Singapore. The Parc Riviera condo complex is at West Coast Vale, which is near to the Pandan Reservoir. The complex has been built by EL Development, who hold the lease for 99 years for Parc Riviera. The complex is only a few months away from completion with EL Development making the condos available for pre-ordering and having show condos ready for potential buyers to view.

EL Development Parc Riviera

EL Development were picked as the winning bidders for the site at Parc Riviera as they made the highest tender bid and they anticipate that the first owners of the new condos will be moving in during the next few months. They are highly confident that these executive condos will be strong sellers as soon as buyers can reserve their condos prior to the complex being completed. The location of the development is the paramount reason for EL Development having confidence in the success of the venture. Parc Riviera is really close to some of the most popular shopping facilities in the whole of Singapore. That includes the prestigious Clementi Road Shopping Mall located at 321 Clementi Road.

Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

The developers are still confident about the development making a substantial profit despite changes to stamp duty that could make it more expensive to buy a condo unit. The EL Development website even provides information stamp duty for potential buyers to consult.

Parc Riviera Clementi Mall

Ultimately the high quality of these executive condos and the great location of the complex itself should ensure that the condos will sell quickly and strongly proving that developing the complex was a sound financial investment that reap handsome dividends. It should be particularly popular with high flying business executives that want to live in condos near to top class facilities, attractions and within commuting distance of Singapore city centre.

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